Welcome to The International Financial Oversight Committee

The International Financial Oversight Committee is an international regulator providing public assistance and means of protection and guidance to investors in today’s complex world of investing. IFOC’s major purpose consists of supervising, managing, implementing and enforcing all germane international securities laws governing investments, mergers, acquisitions and capitals market trading.

Due to the increasing number of unregulated offshore management firms, IFOC was created to effectuate compliance with global market regulations. More than 100,000 securities firms that deal with private placements, divesture services, and mergers and acquisitions, including their respective branch offices, have filed and registered. Member firms have adopted and adhered to the strictest due diligence processes and continuous best business practice monitoring and policy implementation for the benefit of both public and private investors.

The global integration of capital markets involves a great number of participants. As it involves the possibility of countless capital flows, the chance of unscrupulous actors taking undue advantage of investors arises, thus the main objective of IFOC is to prevent violations of any kind during the performance of trading, requiring all the entities involved to follow internationally established laws, guidelines and regulations.

IFOC deals with the world’s major capitals markets utilizing the values of reliability and strict ethical premises as the basis of responsible and mutually advantageous market development. Fraudulent activities damage not only the integrity of the market, but also destroy client trust. The mission is to provide strict guidelines for information and/or assistance to the general public, and resolve disputes arising from regulatory issues between investors and securities firms.

IFOC has hands-on specialists in various fields of expertise who are dedicated to educating investors and overseeing correct implementation of internationally agreed-upon processes. Focus is on an essential understanding of trading securities on the international market, and assisting investors in an accessible and pro-statutory manner that ensures the safeguarding, protection and success of their transactions.

Given the complexity of international trading, IFOC maintains its public trust and confidence by holding to the highest standards of global market integrity, and has a mission of continuously advocating for a robust, safe and thriving securities universe through worldwide furtherance of best practices and unassailable business rules throughout the industry.