About IFOC

The International Financial Oversight Committee oversees and regulates the global securities industry by providing a more structured approach to global finance and licensed worldwide market insights. The consolidation of international law through ex officio world governance institutions provides a generative structure endowing IFOC with the authority to administer and enforce securities and trading rules and regulations that ensure a safe, honest and cogent trade environment between securities firms and investors.

This has engendered an enormous amount of respect and cooperation from global finance agencies, working together towards a greater objective of providing global investors with a statutory framework to foster trade in a way that their best interests are protected and where securities firms can no longer fall into noncompliant behaviors.

IFOC administers securities policies within the strictest standards of high-level due diligence. Experience has shown that a broad, exhaustive, strategic and more-integration-oriented due diligence analysis consistently yields optimal opportunity encompassment for deals to be mutually satisfactory and beneficial. IFOC provides investors assessments of the risks and benefits of trade activities, both as an aid to reputation evaluation and the delivery of the completion value of acquisitions.

Furthermore, this authority and official capacity allows for enforcing compliance with consolidated statutes, regulations and guidelines and meeting out disciplinary actions against individuals and firms that have violated international consolidated securities laws, i.e., insider trading, accounting fraud, and providing false or misleading information about securities and the firms that issue them. IFOC continuously utilizes a process of detailed verification of facts and investigation/examination of securities trading operations to meet and sustain a compliance-based potential investment. These deployments are also deemed essential to avoid risks that may impact negotiations and profit improvement opportunities between securities firms and investors. Mediation services in dispute resolution in the securities industry are provided to facilitate in the resolution of monetary and business disputes among investors, securities firms and individual registered representatives.

Aside from administering and enforcing securities laws, maintaining market integrity and protecting investors’ interests, the mission of IFOC is to stand as the official agency directly associated to global governance bodies of the world’s major markets, requiring securities firms to be registered with IFOC in order to have condign jurisdictional capacity to offer offshore trading. This franchises investors with an immediate verification of a firm and its representatives within a statutory international agency regardless of the firms’ location in the world. Such transparency has the added benefit of promoting a safe and friendly trading environment while at same time increasing the efficacy of trading guidelines on the basis of unified international trading laws.